A river of inspiration, a touch of technique, a cloud of passion, and the zest of audacity… shake, shake! This is the secret formula of the French brand Razzel Paris.

Razzel was born from a story…

My name is Dalila and I am the designer and the stylist behind Razzel Paris. It all began in Paris, France, the city where I was born, grew up and spent most of my life. As a little girl with a dreamy soul, I used to watch attentively my grandfather and my aunts sewing and embroidering. Mounds of fabrics, thread reels and needles are an integral part of my childhood memories. Being raised within a family of tailors in the fashion capital awaked a passion within me for sewing and creation, a passion that has never left.

My taste for precious fabrics and quality finishes eventually led me to work in Parisian luxury stores for several years. This fascination with fashion and design has flourished and grown with me over time, becoming stronger and more exhilarating than ever. In my heart, I made the promise to myself that I would one day realize my dream, to continue my family’s long tradition of garment making.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to travel all around the world. My travels in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East have allowed me to discover many local crafts and to understand the cultural differences between Muslim women throughout the world. These trips have made me a citizen of the world, open to every culture. I have seen many countries, but only one has captured and held my heart: Malaysia. The Malaysian people really adopted me! It is in this beautiful country, with its pluralistic and tolerant culture that I have made the most beautiful and enriching encounters of my life. I decided to settle down there with my family and finally gave my creativity free rein by launching my body and soul into the creation of my own brand, exclusively dedicated to hijabs.

Why hijabs? Simply because I draw my inspiration from daily life and from the women who surround me. It has been obvious for me: I wanted to give myself to the service of the beauty of Muslim women and to embellish their greatest quality, their modesty. So I decided to create an exclusive collection of hijabs, never before seen, so Malaysian women could cover themselves elegantly and with a French touch. And that was how the brand Razzel Paris was born.

It’s Parisian elegance, a “douceur de vivre” and French charm that I seek to capture within my creations. All of our hijabs are handmade. They are unique, innovative, feminine, comfortable, and easy-to-wear. My hijabs are like a Parisian summer– bohemian-chic, full of cheerfulness, and vibrantly coloured. The image of the classic Parisienne, a fully free working woman, always running through the streets of the capital, filled my mind during their creation. That’s why I created my models exclusively for modern and active women.

The unforeseen of the everyday? “C’est la vie”… and we should not be afraid of that! That’s why our hijabs are made with light and fluid materials, to suit women in their movement and daily lives.

Often copied but never equaled, the style of a Razzel Paris woman is unique. Try on a Razzel hijab, and you will love it!

33, rue des Peupliers,
78650 Beynes,
+33 (0)7 68 02 83 00