Collection Carmen

Razzel Paris

“Supposing I know of a flower that is absolutely unique, that is nowhere to be found except on my planet…”

” Je connais, moi, une fleur unique au monde, qui n’existe nulle part, sauf sur ma planète…”
From Chapter VII of The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint Exupery

A woman-flower with a love for freedom took root in the Razzel universe and blossomed into the hijab of our latest collection, Carmen. In this collection, we wanted to pay homage to the flower, a universal symbol of majestic femininity.

The dream of a flower, a true poetic contemplation, brings us on an ecstatic voyage through the eternal history of flowers—the capricious and irreplaceable rose, passionately loved by the Little Prince in the famous novel by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry; the mysterious and incendiary flower shamelessly thrown by the beautiful bohemian Carmen into the face of brigadier Don José in the French opera Carmen by George Bizet; the fragrant roses planted by Queen Marie Antoinette at her palace, the Petit Trianon at Versailles; and even the red hibiscus, symbol of Malaysia.

In nature, everything is a symbol and flowers have always been an incredible source of inspiration for us in our quest for creation. After all, are the French gardens not just as divinely fragrant as the gardens of the Alhambra? We are convinced that it is possible, for all who wish to see, to catch a glimpse of paradise in each flower.

Carmen sprouted from this combination of carefully cultivated influences and our desire to celebrate flowers and women. The name “Carmen” was chosen for this unique collection as a hymn to the strength of women. More than a simple hijab, we have conceived of and designed it as a creation of exceptional floral art, a precious object of refinement, destined to reveal the sunflower, luminous and flamboyant, that shines in each woman.

All of our designs are hand-sewn with excellent French craftsmanship, which is at the heart of the Razzel brand.

We select our fabrics with the highest standards of quality so that each one of our hijabs tells its own unique story.

The fabrics of the Carmen model, chosen with care for their magnificent draping quality, and its necklace, dotted with blooming pearls sewn by our own hands, make this an unparalleled garment of elegant allure and recognizable sophistication.

Its incomparable fluidity will undoubtedly captivate youthrough its graceful ease of movement and lightness.

In addition, our collection is available in a wide range of colours so that each woman can find the style of her dreams. Carmen—a couture creation that’s so frenchic!