River collection

Razzel Paris

“What is our country but a dream that we describe to each other leaf by leaf, golden bough
and golden flower, fountain, tree, and river, this invisible Paradise.”
Kathleen Raine

We have dreamt of water… a dream of Sun and of Moon reflecting their radiant light in the clearness of pure water… a distant echo over the four marvellous rivers that traverse the Paradise of Islam.

The breezes of this poetic evocation inspired Razzel to create this jewelled veil, like a stream of sparkling water that would elegantly marry itself to the curves of a woman’s neck. Water, a symbol of life, is testament to a naturally feminine force.

Like every one of us, it has a multitude of reflections and flashes, each one more mysterious and moving than the last. Sweet and tempestuous, luminous, yet elusive….

It is this furtive metamorphosis that we wanted to depict with the creation of our model, “Rivière,” a glittering ornament hand-sewn on a veil of light air.

Have you ever dreamed of wearing a necklace on your hijab? Razzel has done the job for you! With an almost disconcerting simplicity of use and of wear, it enhances each woman to perfection by lending tremendous elegance to all of your outfits.

What’s our biggest dream? To help you catch and diffuse all the light you need to shine at all times!

All our models are handsewn with excellent French savoir-faire, which is at the heart of the Razzel brand. We select our fabrics from soft and light materials with the highest quality standards, so that they correspond to the story told by each of our hijabs.

The fabric of the Rivière model, chosen for its beautiful draping and its necklace, adorned with delicately handsewn beads, gives it a style like no other, a recognisably elegant and sophisticated look.

Its incomparable fluidity will seduce you, giving you the confidence of being free in your movements and accompanying you with its grace and lightness.

In addition, we offer our collection in a wide range of colours and necklaces so that every woman can find the style of her dreams.

Dive into the world of the Razzel brand! Immerse yourself in a river of beauty…